What We Do

Our Services Overview

MediConn is service oriented aimed at promoting excellence by fostering electronic communication between end users and corporate organizations such as licensing boards, hospitals and professional bodies in health sector.

MediConn Referral Services

an online inter hospital referral services for enhanced service delivery amongst health services providers. With our easy to track tools you can easily refer clients for specialized care and track the procedure for enhanced clients service delivery. With our three pathways you can build a strong client engagement model for optimum care delivery.


MediConn Emergency Services

We know what the medical emergency entails and we built tools to help achieve efficient medical emergency from anywhere and at any time. We work with hospitals and every stakeholder involved in emergency care to understand their emergency needs and help them achieve it. We do this through three paradigm shift structure .


MediConn Insurance Services

We understand the Health needs of our Community and the barriers to achieving effective and efficient treatment, so we built an intentional intuitive insurance model to cover for clients so there can seek adequate health care and hospitals get remuneration for services.

MediConn Mobile Health Care Carrier Network

We work with health care service providers to build an efficient mobile Carrier network to lower the burden of unemployment in the health sector and expand frontiers beyond location time and space using sophisticated technologies.

MediConn Health Records

We streamlined data driven electronic services aimed at improving outcomes delivery through research, share and collaboration with relevant agencies and stakeholders. This we do because we have an uncommon understanding of data driven research.

MediConn Research Tool Assistant

We understand the importance of research built with data expressions in the health sector. We built tools to enhance and support our processes through continued evaluation and re-evaluation of outcomes based on clinical outcomes with a strong data driven policies.